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It is a reflection foil with a gradient made of glue dots. The number of dots is uniformly densified from the sides to the center of the foil surface, so that when illuminated from the edge of the clear acrylic glass, there is no visual loss of light in the desired panel area.

Change ACRYLIC GLASS to LGP in 10 minutes!

Take an acrylic sheet with polished edges, put on gloves, clean the surface for gluing, grab a roller or a felt trowel and just stick the LGP-STICKER. The light effect will surprise you!


LPG-STICKER Dots create an effective compact light source from acrylic glass of anyone color or effect, without need of another reflective rear plate. Illumination from one or two opposite sides for the whole surface. Environmentally friendly, does not contain PVC. Easy application. The foil is compact, does not lengthen to the distance.


The usage a usual acrylic sheet of a usual size on the market. You obtain much less waste compared to the competitive prefabricated LGP-Acrylicglass and reduce the entry price about 40-50%. If you produce your LGP-Acrylicglass with a help of laser, LGP-STICKER will reduce your entry price about 25-30% and the laser at the same time can do a more valuable activity.